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Appearance Skin Care Systems

Created by Dr. Maas, the Appearance Skin Care Systems employed extensive research and current data on agents proven to be topically effective.

Working. at the cellular level, these products result in the visible improvement in skin texture, radiance, and the minimizing of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

The systems are based upon the rebuilding and re-strengthening of dermal cells (fibroblasts), the stimulation of collagen production (which firms and makes the skin elastic) and the addition of the most powerful antioxidants available to destroy free radicals. Each regimen is designed for a specific purpose: Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin and Acne Skin Care.

These systems have high concentrations of active ingredients, which include Growth Factor Beta-1, high potency Retin A or Retinoids, Estriol, Co-Q10, Idebenone, and Hydroquinone. They are physician and pharmacist approved and are available in the Medi-Spa, over the internet and at selected locations.

The program includes core formulas LIFT or ALIVE, BOOST and RESTORE. Dr. Maas is highly regarded as an expert in the area of aesthetic plastic surgery and clinical innovation.

Skin Care Options

Visia Complexion Analysis
TRUE Makeup: Mineral-Based Cosmetics
Anti-Age Skin Products
Acne Skin Products
Sensitive Skin Products
Enhance Skin Products
Elure™ Advanced Skin Lightening

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